7 incredible ways to package an exciting cosmetic product for consumers

Starting a business is no easy feat, but there are things you can do to make it easier. You may not be able to predict the future, but if you plan accordingly and think about your product before launching it, then you will have an edge over other cosmetic companies. There are many ways that one could package their cosmetics for consumers; these include jars or tins with lids that seal tightly or containers with twist on caps.

Whether you choose to sell online or in store, your packaging needs to stand out from competitors’. There’s nothing worse than walking into a store and seeing countless similar products lined up next to each other. The key is making sure that yours stands out by using eye catching colours and shapes as well as unique designs on the labels. Here’s some more ideas on how to make your pre roll packaging exciting.


Suggestions for colour scheme, size and shape:

You should always use packaging that reflects and brings out the colour of your product as it will attract consumers’ attention and interest them even before they read about what the product does via its label. Using attractive colours can be a great way to stand out from competitors as well as draw consumer attention towards your cosmetic products. When it comes to purchasing coloured glass such as green, blue or purple bottles, one must ensure that the bottle would suit their product well and bring out the right tone of colour.

Plastic jars and bottles with lids shaped like hearts or stars, can make your product look exciting and even gourmet. The possibilities in terms of shapes and designs are endless and you should take advantage of that when designing packaging for your cosmetic products.

Tubes with diamond-shaped tips, toothpaste pumps, glittery makeup boxes, airless pump containers, turquoise shampoos that come in turquoise bottles . All such details add to the excitement that surrounds consumers around a product when they buy it. The idea is to excite them so much about the product before they start using it.

Create a luxurious and elegant package for your product.

Ribbon bows, golden caps, fancy looking bottles with gold droplets of soap inside them, boxes that look like silk are some examples that will make the products look luxurious. You can also use bars of soap or shampoos that come in golden tubes to increase the luxury factor. If you want your product to seem more luxurious than others on the shelf choose an elegant looking box with many compartments inside.

Organic soap can come in recycled paperboard. It also comes in brown bags that have staples. There is room to put the ingredients on the label, but not enough room for a lot of words Brown glass jars also work great for such products as they give a very earthy feel to the product itself.

Highlight the benefits of your product with eye-catching graphics.

Other ways to make your product look luxurious include using more organic designs such as leaves, flowers and swirls. These add a relaxing feel to the product and will bring back fond memories for people who like gardening or greenhouse work. Using images on labels help people remember exactly what they are purchasing while increasing sales at the same time. If you use illustrations, do not forget to add in some information that gives credibility and proof that your label’s claims are real and true.

Advertise discounts more often by including promotional inserts within packages of products. This would allow customers to have something else with their purchase when they buy multiple items.

Fill up your package with samples to make it feel like more than just a purchase.

Packaging can also be used to adapt to changing seasons. A great example of this would be the change from cold and flu season packaging. When it is time for consumers’ immune systems to go into overdrive, package your items accordingly and give them choices that work best for their health and wellness levels.

Do not forget about people who like stylish or modern designs; they are available to everyone! People may feel pride in knowing that you thought enough about their needs to make custom design s just for them. Find ways to add uniqueness through customization options on packages even if your product is massed produced.

Include an informative booklet about how to use the product, what skin type it is best for, and any other information that would be helpful.

You can include these as well as extra samples or coupons in the package. It may be difficult to package a large object into a small space, but it is not impossible! Start with something simple: roll and fold sachets. This works for soaps and shampoos, and even some other smaller beauty products.

Sleek plastic bottles are ideal for shower gels and body lotions because they clean up nicely and look very modern. However, you will need to leave enough room for the liquids to circulate without spilling out of the bottle.

Offer coupons or discounts on future purchases as an incentive.

Whatever brands if want to go for their high sales then they normally offer discount on their products. This will automatically increase the sales of the products along with the packaging. This is an exceptional way to sale your beauty product or cosmetic item with the unique packaging.

Provide free shipping when people spend over much money on their order.

This is a great way to sell more of your beauty products. You just have to package them in this way, and it will cost nothing extra. It is also efficient and easy for you because it will help you sell off all your cosmetics without any problems.

You can use this technique if you want to develop a brand image that will remain consistent over time. In addition, it’s wonderful as one size fits all bottles. There are two ways to get a custom design. You can use the same expression on every bottle. Or you can have an expression that is different from one bottle to another. The custom designs for printed display boxes look nicer because they are shiny and clear from the inside, so it looks like a clear plastic from the outside.


When designing a cosmetic product package, it is important to make sure that you use the best materials for it. This will make people who see or come in contact with it think of your product longer. Other things to consider are the right kind of printing and how glossy, etc. you want your package to be.


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