8 Ways an Escape Room Activity Will Help Your Child Achieve Advanced Mental Growth

Escape rooms are one of the most enjoyed and trending cultural reset activities across the world. They involve a group of participants being willingly locked in a themed room where they must work together as a team to solve the puzzles and complete challenges for freeing themselves in a certain amount of time (usually 60-minutes). Various rooms are containing unique and engaging riddles that are based on different theme settings and landscapes. They are a sensational gaming experience that is known to be friendly and suitable for all age groups, whether adults or children.

Initially developed for mental training among students, this concept has now proven to impact an individual’s life in many dimensions. And they are considered advantageous even for kids who accompany these live-activity games on a family get-together. They not only energize the youngsters who have become lazy due to constant virtual attention but allows them to experience something refreshing and new in the world of games. It is an entertaining way to let kids have an all-rounding development as they also start spending more bonding time with their family.

Here are the 8 ways in which an escape room activity will help your child achieve advanced mental growth:

  1. Boosting Problem-solving skills

At a specific age of 7-15, the children experience a drastic change and development in their thinking ability and how they come to perceive their surroundings. And the best way to help them develop their reasoning skills is by letting them solve different problems. And escape rooms just do that. They come with a lot of challenging riddles and puzzles that put one’s mind on trial. Your kid will be involved in finding better and alternative solutions to the escape room problem and they will learn how to adapt to a new environment. And ultimately they will understand how to handle problems and come up with immediate answers to any sort of obstacles.


  1. Initiating Teamwork

Since escape rooms rely heavily on working as a team to solve the puzzles and earn your freedom, your child will come to understand the importance of group work. They will take initiation among different people and appreciate their ideas and solutions. It will also improve the relationship and working between you and your kids. Teams require equal efforts, listening skills, and being supportive towards each other. And by indulging your kids in these teamwork games, you will see how they will learn to bond better with others and work efficiently as dedicated team members. It will initiate their participation and give them the confidence to work together and cooperate in any group event.


  1. Memory Enhancement

The structure of the brain teasers and games in the escape room is set in such a way that it requires the players to follow up with what they’ve gained till now. They involve remembering the old clues and returning to the previous challenge you’ve finished for finding the riddle to the next section. This thought-provoking position will help your child use more of their thinking and recalling skills to come up with immediate solutions. It will boost their memory power and facilitate brain development. You can expect to see your kids getting better at remembering things after playing in an escape room.


  1. Better Communication

Communication is the key to working together as a team and solving the puzzles in an escape room game. Unless there isn’t proper interaction and trust between the members, you cannot expect to win the game easily. While working in a group to solve the riddles, you might get to watch how your child will come to trust different people and open up to them for interacting and discussing what has to be done next. They will soon become the leader of the team and collaborate with you as well to combine different answers and look for the bigger solution. A well-designed escape room will make your kids better at communication and expand their soft skills that will aid in the advancement of their personality as a whole.


  1. Recharging Mood and Emotional Levels

These days everything has moved on the virtual platform. Our kids are expected to stay online for their class studies, tests, and any entertaining activity or event. This has made them irritated and prone to easy anger. In such cases, if you take your child to an escape room, they will be able to de-stress and feel revitalized in a unique atmosphere. The games are highly occupying and will boost the growth of healthy enzymes like dopamine and serotonin and hormones like adrenaline in your kid. They are known to keep the feeling of depression and loneliness away from the brain. Your kid will feel recharged and in a good mood after winning the escape room as the thrill of victory is unequaled. And this will strengthen their emotional levels and help them stay happy and cheerful.


  1. Improving Time Management

Since there is a set timer during which you must solve and escape the game room, it calls for time management in the team. By organizing, managing, and planning in that action-packed hour, kids will learn to better handle their tasks in the proper time. It will enable them to stop being procrastinators in their life, value deadlines, and adequately manage their time wherever they go. They will also realize the weight of not spending too much time doing an activity and how to get more work done in less time.


  1. Developing Precision and Attention

Another important necessity of escape rooms is paying attention to the small details and hidden meanings of some elements. If you miss out on one of these, you might be pushed back from your freedom from the room. And therefore, the children playing with you will automatically look for the minutest details and analyze everything for finding some clue to the answer. And in the long run, they will develop a knack for catching small things with utmost precision in their daily life. Even their attention will be enhanced on a noticeable level, whether in class or at home. You will suddenly realize your small bundle of energy has become a genius just by playing a fun and interactive game with friends and family.


  1. Increasing Creativity

The escape rooms are merged with distinctive and mentally exercising puzzles that you must solve with an out-of-the-box thinking ability if you were to win the game. In this setting, the children will learn to think from different perspectives and include a variety of what-ifs to tackle the riddles. They will eventually grow an aptitude for seeing through different challenges in varied situations and become more creative in the process. In an era of relying on technology, your kid will slowly escape the clutches of gizmos and harvest originality and imagination as a part of their animation.


In conclusion, the escape rooms provide a lot of benefits in the overall mental growth and the emotional development of your kids. You can comfortably encourage your child to participate in these games and not worry about any adverse effects on them, unlike the video and online games which affect their mind negatively. The learning of preteens and adolescents is an important aspect in both the kids’ and the parents’ life. And by introducing them to escape room games, you can sit back and see how your child will slowly get out of their comfort shell and learn new things. They will once again include more physical activities in their lifestyle and lose their attachment to phones and gadgets. It is a sort of mental gym that will promote cognitive growth and mental development and will eventually guide your children towards success and better living.









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