How to expand your landscaping business: Marketing tips from the pros

Do you want to start a landscaping business but don’t know where to start? Well, you’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, you’ll learn how to take your landscaping business to the next level.

If you have been in the landscaping field for a long time, you know how hard running a landscaping business is. If solving day-to-day hiccups and managing cash flow wasn’t hard enough, you need to constantly make sure your clientele grows. But how can you do that in a post-pandemic world? Here are some tips that will help you find your way. 

Build a killer online presence

First, let’s start with the basics. Make sure you have a strong foundation for your business before marketing it. That means having a well-designed website, a solid social media presence, and positive customer reviews on the internet. These are essential for any business, especially for a service-based business like landscaping. Potential customers will likely research your business online before contacting you, so it’s vital to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward.

After you have a professional and eye-catching website up and running, you need to make sure it ranks high on Google’s search results. SEO is the name of the game, and it’s a set of best practices to beat Google’s algorithms. If you’re into some DIY action, follow this SEO guide, and you’ll be good to go. Make sure your website is using keywords specific to landscaping. You can use SEO tools like SEMrush and Google Adwords Planner to figure out which landscaping-related keywords people are searching for.

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Use social media to your advantage

Every successful business you’ll see nowadays has a robust social media presence, and you’ll see regular ads from them while scrolling through Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube. Like it or not, social media is one of the most effective and affordable marketing tools you have at your disposal. You can reach thousands of people in a few clicks. Plus, social media marketing helps you connect with potential and current customers. 

If you’re not too familiar with social media marketing, start by creating accounts on major platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Once you have an account set up, start posting high-quality photos and videos of your work. We recommend you sprinkle in some stunning pictures of your major landscaping projects, including in hospitals and schools.

To increase brand engagement for your landscaping business, you need to post regularly on social media. However, building an organic audience takes time and effort, and if you need a quick way to reach a large audience, you can also boost your posts with a bit of advertising budget. This will make your posts reach a wider audience, and you’ll be able to target potential customers specifically. For example, if you’re targeting homeowners in a specific area, you can use Facebook’s ad targeting options to make sure your ads are only being shown to people who live in that area.

Get your creativity hat on

As a landscape business, the main advantage you have over other companies is that you can get visual with your marketing. The more projects you showcase, the better. Consider making short snackable videos where you run down the technical aspects of each project you did. Such videos add a lot of value to your customers. If you want to post them on social media, use these small business marketing templates to hook your audience.

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Another way to get creative is by creating before-and-after drone shots of your projects. Drone shots are all the buzz these days, so why not take advantage of those stunning aerial snaps? They are a surefire way to show your potential customers you’re all about quality and class.

But visuals can only take you so far. What you need is a way to build organic engagement. To do that, create a website blog where you post articles on gardening tips, lawn care advice, how to choose the right plants for your home, and what to look for in a landscaping service provider. The bottom line is your content should add value for your customers.

Pair up with other businesses

Just like how it’s more likely for someone to land a job through a referral than an online application, growing your clientele becomes much easier if you partner with other companies relevant to landscaping. For instance, if you’re a landscaping company specializing in residential properties, you can partner with a real estate company. This way, whenever they have a new listing, they can recommend your services to the homeowners.

You can also partner with companies that offer complementary services. If you provide lawn care services, you can partner with a company that sells lawn care products. That way, both of you can cross-promote your products to your audiences. If you want to advertise your partnerships, use this nifty poster maker – it works like magic.

A final piece of advice

Lastly, you should create a Google My Business listing for your landscaping company. This will boost your online visibility when people search for landscaping services on Google Maps. The goal here is to become the number one go-to landscaping business on search results. You can’t do that without SEO, but you also need to create the right marketing mix specific to your business and target audience.

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