Is the CompTIA CySA+ Worth It? Cost, Comparison, Benefits

Cyber security is a specialization in the IT field that is continuously gaining popularity and stays in demand. It is also surveyed that this field is understaffed with the experts and professionals not being available to its demand. This makes the CompTIA CySA+ certification all the more beneficial and opportune. Individuals who have an interest in Cybersecurity can choose the certification to not only fulfill their career perspective but also be demanded by the leading industry experts. To facilitate a seamless learning experience, applying for a CompTIA certification online would be the best choice for aspiring cybersecurity experts. Individuals who have a clear mind to excel in the Cybersecurity career that is sure to rule the IT industry can opt for this certification.

When Did The CompTIA CySA+ Certification Start?

The concept of this certification came into existence relatively recently in the year 2017. The certification has the privilege of being the approved certification for the US Department of Defense. It is also noted to be compliant with the Federal Information Security Management Act and is considered the core for Cybersecurity certifications. CompTIA’s Security + certification and CASP + certifications were the available beginner and expert levels of certifications, respectively. However, it was in 2017 that CySA+ certification was introduced as the intermediate certification for both.

The CompTIA certification course covers security against advanced cyber hacking trends and makes an individual well versed in detecting, preventing, and combating Cybersecurity threats. It follows the concept of continuous security monitoring, and the exam tests one’s Cybersecurity analyst skills. It also covers topics like software and app security, threat hunting, automation, and IT regulatory compliance.

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This analyst-level certification has coverage of IT-based topics like networking and performing penetration tests to identify a potential breach in security. This certification opens an individual to dimensions of success and is sure to sharpen and hone your IT security skills to the advanced level.

Experience required for CySA+ 

This is an intermediate-level security certification that broadly covers the baseline of CompTIA’s Network + and Security + certifications. These base certifications are recommended before pursuing the CySA+ certification, along with four years of Cybersecurity experience. Though these requirements aren’t mandatory, employers consider certified professionals with this knowledge and experience a prerequisite. In addition, the intrusion detection system, packet capture, Wireshark, Security Information, and Event management are Cybersecurity tools that will be used in the certification.

This CompTIA certification training is recommended to any aspiring Cybersecurity professional. The CySA+ certification focuses on complete hands-on application with practical solutions. It has recently gained respect in the IT technical community.

Is the CySA+ certification worth pursuing?

In a nutshell, the answer is yes! If you already have been certified with the CASP+ certification, then going back to the intermediate level would not be advised. Also, it is recommended to complete the Security + and Networking + certification before it. Any personnel in the security field will be benefited professionally and monetarily by completing this certification. The course is affordable and respected, and earning a badge gives professional worthiness in society.

The broad coverage of Cybersecurity topics that are more on the practical aspect helps professionals excel better in their security careers. An individual can establish their skill sets over the five different domains of the certification and make the baseline for their future career. The certificate is proof of validation that you are qualified in the Cybersecurity field. Enhancing and excelling in Cybersecurity skills is the promising quotient of this CompTIA CySA+ certification. 

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The CompTIA CySA+ certification is known to give hands-on experience and training in all forms of security fields. The major benefits of pursuing this certification are:

  • Threat management 
  • Vulnerability management
  • Security Architecture Development


There are so many fields and specializations that are available in the IT Industry. An aspirant to join the IT industry is often posed with the question if the certification is worth their time, energy, and money. Any certificate, for that matter, has to invoke your professional interests in you and ultimately benefit from such skills. Therefore, one must ask oneself and analyze if the certification will advance one’s career well. One such recommendation and suggestion from the industry experts is the CompTIA CySA+ certification. It is an intermediate-level certification that is technically sound and will sharpen your security skills and practices.

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