Tips for Camgirls – How to Make Your Live Free Cams Super Fun

Camming is a job like any other, except you won’t find it advertised in the newspaper. In fact, if you decide to do it for a living, you become a kind of entrepreneur. Even though you are not an official company, you run your own business. In that case, you are both a boss and an employee. On this link, find out how camming differs from porn movies.

The best cam models earn pretty well. To achieve that, you need viewers. They enter your room for the first time because of your look or profile that looks interesting. It is up to you to keep them there and make them keep coming back to you. They are here for the show, so make it memorable.

Invest in Equipment and Scenery

Good scenery is of great importance for your show. Viewers prefer girls recording from their rooms rather than studios. It’s cheaper to clean up your room than pay a studio fee. So, you need a tidy set-up and enough space for your performance. 

The set-up shouldn’t be cluttered and full of sexual items. Just make it ordinary with some great, fancy decor and lighting. Use artificial and mirror lights as they make you look more professional. Let them be cold, as that adds drama and makes the set-up clearer. Also, don’t forget to lite up your room with windows or rope lights.

Dress Up

Sexy lingerie is a must, but there are other outfits that can make your performance very fun. You can get a variety of sexy costumes on the Internet for a few tens of dollars, and if you are creative and handy with a sewing machine, you can make sexy outfits yourself.

Changing your clothes will take your show to the next level. It’s a sign to the viewers that you want to prevent boredom and monotony. They know you will do everything to entertain and satisfy them. They see that as a sign of attention and appreciate it very much, so they will surely come back over and over.

Be Innovative

The best performers on keep the air of consistency when creating your live cam performances. Don’t repeat yourself, at least not more than twice. You can go with the same scenery, costumes, or script, but always add something to spice up your performance.

While you don’t need to wear the same clothes or use the same accessories each time, you should keep your broadcasts the same length. When recording, set up the camera a bit above your eye level. Besides making you look better, it will make your viewers feel more in control.  

The point is to make your show crazy and innovative. Camming is not just about taking the clothes off or masturbating. You can do many things that will engage your audience, like a pole or regular dancing, wearing costumes, showering, drawing on yourself, etc. You don’t have to practice these actions to perfection. Spontaneity and uncertainty are what viewers love most about cam shows.

Be Engaging

Another aspect of live streaming is chat. You should encourage viewers to interact with you in real-time. So talk to them much as possible. It can be a bit awkward to chat with dozens of viewers and perform at the same time. But friendly and chatty camgirls get more attention from tippers than quiet ones. 

Ensure your live video is engaging to your audience. It’s important to include viewers in your chat. Keep the conversation going after your live video. Be sure to read comments and answer their questions. A genuine and caring attitude will build a connection between you and your viewers.

Spice things up by teasing or playing games with them. These should increase your viewers’ engagement. Make sure you provide them with some awards, like one-on-one sessions or doing something they really, really like. These mini-games should be funny or entertaining, but don’t overdo them.

If you want to increase viewers’ interaction and thus develop your ‘business,’ you have to work on your performance. Depending on the audience size and your creativity, you might need to invest in your cam model career. But if you play it well, you will get your money back many times.


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