What You Need to Know About Renting or Buying Skis

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If you are planning a ski weekend in the Alps, all you have to do is choose a destination, book accommodation, buy flights and ski passes ..

“Should I bring skis with me or rent them? Deciding when to plan is another important decision. In fact, it should be at the top of your decision list, not at the bottom, where the word “Where should we eat?” Or “don’t we mean skiing?” as this may affect the aircraft booked.

Taking your skis to ski passes at a ski shop may seem like a great way, but it can be difficult to get them down the slopes. Whether you’re trying to take them to a cabin while the driver drives their expensive expensive car, trying to calculate the baggage and ski transport costs of your airline, or waiting for friends to check your ski in a big one . . -in. from outside the airport.

But by renting … you can avoid transport problems, but also queues, disagreements with the renter on the ski you want to rent, calculate your statistics in kilograms and centimeters, the fact of having storage space or only two brands of skis. The choice is a whole other battle.

In reality, it all depends on personal preference. Here is my best advice: if you bring your skis or rent them.

Take your ski with you

There are many benefits to bringing your gear with you. The main advantage is that it is more comfortable to have your own ski. You know how they work, you are a ski expert and they are all tailored to your preferences.

The downside is that you will take them with you. By subway, by taxi, by plane … Not to mention airline tickets.

When skiing, make sure you:

Use a travel bag for your gear. They range from a simple zippered pocket to a plastic tube for complete protection.

Know the airline’s ski guidelines and pay extra fees in advance as these are always higher at the airport. Some airlines may require certain types of baggage and there are weight restrictions.

Check your ski before starting. But in the locality all too often we are asked where we could treat our skis from breakfast and then we have to wait a long time.

Check the weather conditions and forecasts. I don’t need to tell you now – I don’t want to spoil your surprise.

We recommend traveling with Swiss Airlines #flyswiss if you bring your own equipment. You take them with you for free – that’s why they can be called “Skiers’ Airlines”.

Ski rental in the resort

Ski resorts usually offer skis and other equipment at affordable prices. It takes a long time to find the perfect ski, for lines and rentals that don’t suit your preferences, but there are plenty of high-end shops that offer great service. Everyone should carry the best ski boots with them while skiing. This helps to get a premium level of performance.

Some stores allow you to book an appliance online and have it delivered to your hotel in advance, which is great if you know exactly what you are looking for (and also save time and money!). You pay more for the service, but you don’t have to queue and drag your gear to the hotel.

The good thing about rental is that sometimes you can try out the latest tools and even change make and model within a week to try out different options or make sure you have the right skis according to your choice.

It will take you some time to start each outing with different skis to be comfortable and it can also be expensive if you are planning a long trip and need the latest equipment, but most greases can make you work harder immediately. long.

If you are an absolute beginner ski, we recommend that you rent equipment. Before buying any equipment you don’t like, the best thing to do is familiarize yourself with the equipment and learn what you like and what you don’t like.

If you are an experienced skier, depending on the snow conditions, you can rent a ski or try a new technique by renting a demonstration before making a purchase decision.

Remember, no matter what business you are using, don’t look for the lowest price you can find online. Consider the location of the store, which can be logically important in some resorts. Sometimes, the ability of stores to offer storage via elevators or ramps is a key factor in some more traditional and unnecessary resorts.

What happens next?

Ultimately, it has to do with the total cost of the trip, as well as the comfort and details.

Compare the cost of renting or transporting your ski to queue up and transport your ski. What is most valuable to you?

Before making your decision, review your chosen resort’s rental options and hotel and outlet logistics. Be realistic about your strong demand

Either way, life is a lot easier than you can imagine. When you arrive at the resort at the beginning of a ski weekend, you’d rather have a drink in front of the fireplace than convince the tenants of your DIN attitude or find a place to fasten your skis. ?

Whatever you are looking for, I highly recommend investing in ski boots. Make sure you get the right advice. Perfect ski boots ensure your feet don’t get hurt!

Ready to go?

Whichever option you choose, we will help you with the planning.

If you want to buy a pair of skis; As a Momentum ski customer, you have access to exclusive discounts in Snow + Rock stores.

And if you want to rent, we collaborate with some shops that we know the owners and that offer good service. The shops we recommend have a good ski option and are effective with groups to reduce queues when everyone shows up at the same time.

And if you want to take your skis with you, we are happy to help you find the best way to get around.

Contact us today and we will discuss planning your ski vacation.

And tell me if you prefer to take your skis with you or rent them?


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