All You Need To Know About Prashar Lake Trek

Prashar Lake Trek:

Prashar is said to be a fresh blue-water lake in Kullu Valley, which is surrounded by the Dhauladhar hills. Prashar Lake is a well-kept secret in Himachal Pradesh’s Mandi district. The trekking journey to Prashar Lake starts at a height of about 2,730 meters and takes you through some of the dense deodar forests, rich green meadows, and riverbed walking in the Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh. The greatest time to go on this hike is from mid-April to mid-November. Mandi is the closest town to the base camp, and the trip is 7.5 kilometers one way. The lake is believed sacred to the sage Prashar since he is said to have meditated here by its deep blue waters. It is located about 49 kilometers north of Mandi and has a three-story pagoda-like shrine dedicated to him. The lake may be reached via Drang, which is surrounded by snow-capped peaks and looks down on the fast-flowing river Beas. The hike takes you through beautiful woodland with various rivulets. Meanwhile, because the route passes through villages, visitors may take in the local culture. The Dhauladhar, Pir Panjal, and Kinnaur mountain ranges may all be seen from the hike.


Level of difficulty:

The trekking journey to Prashar lake is said to be an easy to moderate one based on the analysis of most of the trekkers/ visitors/travelers. But it is said to be a little difficult to trek in this location during winter and also during the monsoon as it would be slippery while walking uphill.


Best time to visit:

It is advisable to take up this trekking journey from the month of Mid-April to Mid-November wherein you can enjoy this location at its best. Although this walk may be done at any time of year, the months of January and February are ideal because the lake is nearly frozen and covered with snow. Being in the hills has a special allure, with the snowy white blanket adorning everything in sight and the bite of the air making you feel all the more alive, somehow.


Some facts:

According to legend, the lake was built by Pandavas on their trip to choose the greatest spot for their teacher, Dev Kamrunag, after the Mahabharata. Their teacher was so taken with the solitude of this location that he chose to spend the rest of his life here. According to local legend, Bheemsen, one of the Pandava brothers, created the lake at his request by pressing his elbow and forearm against the mountain’s crest. Tall cedar trees would fall into the lake during storms, disappearing. People of various faiths now come here because of their faith. People throw money, silver coins, and gold into the river as an offering.

Places to stay:


Camping on your own at Prashar Lake:

In recent years, a number of camping sites have opened up in the area, and you can now schedule a stay with them. Depending on whether you opt to eat your meals there or not, these campsites might charge you anything from 500 to 1200 INR each day. Prashar Camps Flysports, Parashar Adventure Camps, and Prashar Lake Krishna Camp are three notable camping establishments. One thing to keep in mind is that private restrooms are only available in Krishna Camp. As a result, you will either have to use the public restroom (which is filthy) or find another somewhere to stay.

Hotels and Homestays at Prashar Lake:

In the last few years, a few hotels and homestays have opened near Prashar Lake. As a result, you can call them ahead of time to reserve a room. These hotels are approximately 7–10 kilometers from the lake and are easily accessible by foot or automobile.


Dormitory at temple complex:

You can also stay in the Forest Rest House or the Trekker’s Hut here. Two guesthouses are located around a kilometer from the lake. There are a limited number of rooms available, so make a reservation as soon as possible. Before you reach the lake, you will view them on your Prashar Lake trip. You can reserve a room by calling DFO Mandi. A room here will most likely cost you between 500 and 700 INR.



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