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Talking about how popular is League of Legends Esport in The field of Esports

LOL(League Of Legends) has become a significant e-sport event held worldwide by many eSports competition organizations. Despite its initial unpopularity, LOL is becoming more and more popular worldwide thanks to the release of LOL mobile, which brings the fun of LOL to all people on their smartphones. Every year, the League of Legends esport championship is held in different regions, and teams from each country compete for the world’s champion title. In this blog, we have covered everything regarding the context.

How much is League of Legends Esport popular?

League of Legends (LOL), initially League of Legends: Clash of Fates, is a multiplayer online battle arena game. It’s one of the most popular MOBA games in eSports. LOL became widespread with over 100 million active players each month, 27 million daily active players, and over 7.5 million peak concurrent players across the globe. Because of those numbers, LOL competitions are considered one of the most significant eSports events globally.

By putting LOL into context with other eSports games, we can see that even though it’s not as popular as DOTA2 and CS: GO, but still having a lot of MOBA fans around this game, we can say that LOL is among the top 3 most popular MOBA games in eSports.

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But as we know, the larger the world of LOL gets, the more people start to enjoy this game and what’s great about it is that now you can play it on your smartphone. Being an eSport helps LOL grow exponentially, and there are always new players entering into this league and world.

In many countries, including South Korea, LOL has been a nationwide phenomenon as LOL player numbers have exceeded that of the population number of these countries. In South Korea, professional players are treated as celebrities and enjoy high popularity among youths. The reason for the popularity of LOL in South Korea is that many youths are not able to succeed in other competitive situations, which makes LOL a perfect place for them to test their abilities and increase self-esteem.

League of Legends Esport scene overview:

Most LOL competitions consist of a group stage and a playoff round in prominent places such as North America, Asia, or Europe. The group stage is usually played in a double-elimination format with best-of-ones but can be best-of-threes. In the bracket round, teams play at least best-of-threes but can be best-of-fives.

Many countries have created national leagues by making agreements with eSports associations or independently operating league management systems. This shows us how much League of Legends Esport is popular in countries worldwide.

Despite lacking invitation to significant eSports events, China still has a great League of Legends Esport scene with many tournaments held in this country. There are also competitions called “King Pro League” (KPL) hosted by Tencent, famous for its vast prize pools and a wide variety of events.

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Other important things we should consider regarding League of Legends Esport:-

  • League of Legends Esport prize pool:

League of Legends Esport prize pool fluctuates every year, and it gets bigger and bigger. This is probably because LOL has become more and more popular among players worldwide, making yearly LOL competitions more anticipated than ever before. The 2014 World Championship had a total prize purse of $2,130,000 compared to Season 3, which had $2,130,000.

  • League of Legends Esport attendance:

The largest LOL competition was held in 2018 between SN Gaming and Kingzone DragonX (KZ), with $1,650,000. The most attended LOL event had more than 250,000 fans in Sangam Stadium in South Korea.

  • League of Legends Esport viewership:

Lol, esports viewership is also increasing every year. In 2018, the LOL World Championship had 43 million unique viewers compared to Season 7, with 80 million unique viewers. It seems that the numbers grow exponentially every year, with more and more people joining this fantastic league. As a result, there is an excellent potential for future League of Legends Esport events.

  • League of Legends Esport structure:

The most popular LOL competitions are held in North America, Europe, and Asia. Countries like China, South Korea, Vietnam, Japan, and Singapore host these events with more than 1 million active players each year because eSports is becoming very popular. And as we know, big LOL prize pools bring the best players in the world to compete against each other.

  • League of Legends Esport teams:

Many LOL teams around the world compete for huge prizes. Many people think that it’s easy to play this game, but if you want to be a pro player, you have to practice about 10 hours per day minimum, if not more. That’s why LOL players are among the best athletes in all eSports disciplines and win matches in tournaments.

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Talking about the conclusion of League of Legends Esport:

Although, it is safe to say that the eSports market in general and the League of Legends Esport market, in particular, keep growing year after year, which makes us wonder how much it will grow by 2020. The popularity of the game among players worldwide brought a lot of money into the eSports scene, making professional players’ lives way more accessible than they used to be a few years ago. We hope that this in-depth article about League of Legends Esport will better help you understand this great league’s. Thank You all for your attention, and don’t forget to follow our blog!

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