Tragus piercing: most frequently asked questions & answers

Going for a makeover this year, is your contemplation about getting a tragus piercing confusing you? Don’t worry anymore, and this guide will help you with the details you are looking for.

A brief introduction of tragus piercing:

The tragus is the small thick cartilage that covers the ear canal and allows you to plug earphones properly. There are many observations and research about the benefits of piercing, and tragus piercing is known to help reduce anxiety, depression, and weight. Since it is a really tiny notch, a maximum of 16 gauge is preferable. Additionally, jewelry with a small diameter goes well for the piercing. Today since the fashion evolution is remarkable, you find both men and women experimenting with their looks. Similarly, even the tragus piercing is not just limited to women; even men explore a variety of piercings and pull off a stunning look.

How much does a tragus ear piercing cost?

The cost for tragus piercing broadly depends on three factors:

Studio/ piercer reputation- This is the most critical, don’t compromise on the experience and reputation of the piercer. Please do thorough research before you decide because it is expensive and crucial. If the piercing goes wrong, you will end up with a sore ear.  

The metals used- If you are going for gold or platinum earrings, it will definitely be a lot pricier than standard jewelry.

Location: Studios in the city might cost less than those in remote areas.

Having said that, the piercing would cost anywhere around $30 to $50. You must also check additional costs if any are added. Some parlors take extra charges for jewelry. Make sure you are not paying too much to get stung.


Details about the healing process             

Based on the body’s anatomy, the healing process will vary from person to person. This is a common thing when you compare the recovery process of one person with another, be it for surgeries or common illnesses. As per experts, Tragus piercings take as long as 3 months to 6 months, or for some people, it may go up to one year to heal. Sounds like a really long healing time. But this is due to the thickness of the cartilage. The swelling is common immediately after piercing, and the earrings are large in the beginning. You can change them once it calms down and go for pretty ones and style accordingly. It is advisable only to touch and change the earrings after the wound is completely healed, after eight months. If you mess around with it before it heals, it will slow down the recovery and also shoot pain. Moreover, a person’s medical conditions and lifestyle affect the healing process.

What is the process?

Like how the doctors or technicians work, every piercer has a unique way of completing the process even here. To be clearer, some pierce from inside to outside, and others do the opposite. And every move has a different consequence. Be mindful of that. Besides this, the tragus piercings are done with sterile needles as they are the most appropriate.

The general process includes the following steps:

  • The complete area in and around the ear is properly cleaned using a medically approved solution primarily for disinfection.
  • Using a non-toxic marker, the piercer then marks the place to pierce. This is done to gain accuracy and precision.
  • To protect the ear canal from any damage, most piercers cover it with a cork or put something as a barrier.
  • Now comes the scariest part; the needle is inserted into the tragus and pierced until it comes through the other side.
  • To stop the bleeding, the piercer applies little pressure.
  • Lastly, they clean the entire area gently but thoroughly.
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Why do they prefer needles over guns?

The red flag here is when the piercer says they would use the gun. It is so because guns are known to have many disadvantages and cause harm too. The problems vary from damages to the tissue, sterility, level of pain, and precision. This is primarily indicated for cartilage piercings.

What types of metals are there, and which is the best?

Now that you have decided to get a tragus piercing, look at the ways to style it initially once it is done and after it completely heals. It would be best to wait until it heals to change the initial jewelry, don’t hurry, and remove the originally placed ones while pierced.

Most studios use the cheapest ones are the medical grade stainless steel ones. They are considered to be safer and affordable.

Find out what are the options you have for initial piercing:

  • Surgical stainless steel: As mentioned above, this is an inexpensive choice that doesn’t have any or fewer side effects. For example, there is a low rate of nickel present in it which can be overlooked. However, people with severe allergies to nickel must avoid it.
  • Titanium: If you are looking for a hypoallergenic metal, your choice should be Titanium. It is not a very budget-friendly option, but people with severe nickel allergies can choose it over steel.
  • Anything more or equal to Solid 14-karat gold: Gold is one of the most favorite and choicest metals for anyone. It is so because of its safety, but it is a little expensive. Once you choose gold, it keeps you safe from any alloys like nickel and more harmful ones. Gold is an excellent metal that suits every skin type and body type. Because of the purity, it keeps the pierced area safe from rashes, skin irritation and also doesn’t spoil. All you need to do is make sure that it is not gold-plated metal. Else it will expose your skin to various problems.
  •  Niobium: This metal is not designated for piercings, but it doesn’t really matter because it is safe. It is cheaper than Titanium but has equal benefits. It is suitable for all body and skin types.
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To sum up:

The ear curation is a trending style and is appreciated. It gives an instant pop to the personality. All you need to do is take proper care and precaution before getting it done. Similarly, with good aftercare, the tragus piercing will last long. You can rock a unique accent with studs, cluster earrings, or hoops.

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