Sex Swings

If it seems to you that your sexual life has become boring, and you have already tried most of the toys that you can find in the special shops, you are totally mistaken. You can buy a sex swing from our shop, which you almost never see, even in porn. These devices will totally diversify your sexual life with your partner after a long age of marriage.

What are the Sex swings?

A sex swing, or BDSM swing, is a device that changes a couple’s perception of pleasure. The device consists of strong belts which are made of soft natural materials, as well as a variety of fasteners for wrists, hips, or ankles. Partners can have sex in limbo, or one of the participants remains on the floor and the other floats in the air.

Basic types and characteristics of Sex Swings

  •         Body Sex Swings. The simplest devices are designed to hang one person. The partner, at the same time, can easily control the position of his opponent, which will help to achieve sexual pleasure.
  •         Door Sex Swings. The products are perfectly placed in the doorway and can be installed in any typical city apartment. The set includes sturdy lugs that do not require additional fasteners.
  •         Sex Slings. Consists of fastening belts that have a shape of a gabmak. The partner can sit or lie down, depending on the chosen position.
  •         Conventional Sex Swings. The most comfortable products consist of several slings and support for the head, butt, and arms. They can also accommodate 2 people, depending on the selected modification.

How to choose?

In order to choose the correct sex swing and not be mistaken, it is recommended to pay attention to a number of important nuances:

  •         Study the description of the swing and check its capacity. After that, it is recommended to know your and your partner’s body weight and make a decision, how these devices are suitable for you.
  •         You need to know exactly how the swing can be fixed, as well as the technical capabilities and strength of the walls and slabs in the room.
  •         Calculate your budget correctly because a good sex swing can cost several hundred dollars or more.
  •         Check out what accessories are included with the swing in the store. In some cases, many partners want to make their sex more comfortable, and they buy different soft pads.
  •         Study in detail the scheme for using the swing. The best solution will be to watch a video about a specific model.
  •         If you enjoy BDSM, it is recommended to choose a swing with locking straps for the wrists and ankles, as well as tension adjusters.

How to use it?

  •         Unpack the swing.
  •         Read the assembly and fastening instructions.
  •         Fix the product in a doorway, wall, or ceiling.
  •         Check that all belts and fixing elements.
  •         Install additional comfort elements.
  •         Test the swing without a partner.
  •         Ask your partner to fix you.
  •         Check all the features announced by the manufacturer.
  •         If everything works, you can start using the product for its intended purpose.

Best positions

  1. The partner is tied to the swing in such a way that his back is facing the floor, and he is in a supine position. The legs are bent at the knees and wide apart for the partner’s access.
  2. The straps support the partner at the waist, and the legs hang down so that he is in a bent L-shaped position. The partner is suitable for sex from behind.
  3. One of the partners sits on a swing, like on a bench. The second sits astride him. You can have sex in this position both face to face and in reverse. 
  4. The partner is attached to the swing in a standing position. His legs are slightly spread apart, and the lower partner at this time stands on the floor.
  5. The receiving partner’s ass hangs down through the swing lines. Depending on the height of the suspensions, the second partner can either stand or lie on the floor or on a soft mat.
  6. The main purpose of any swing is forward movement. Yes, you are not wrong and you can experiment with your partner and try sex in motion. The amplitude depends on your physical capabilities and the size of your room.

Prevention of accidents

In order not to get injured and to ensure comfort when using the swing, it is recommended to study the safety precautions, which are described in each product manual:

  •         Be sure that the swing can support you, or you and your partner.
  •         If you are using the product for the first time, it is better to start with the easiest positions in sex.
  •         At the slightest pain, it is recommended to immediately change the position.
  •         It is recommended to stretch out and make some exercise on the floor before use, as the swing requires little physical strength.
  •         If the muscles are too tight, ask your partner to help you.
  •         If you are planning any BDSM program with your partner, it is best to discuss the scenario and safety precautions in advance.

How to clean?

  •         After each sex, it is necessary to clean the swing of any liquid or dirt.
  •         If the slings are made of fabric, they can simply be detached and washed in the washing machine.
  •         For leather, you need to buy special cleaning products and try to wet the product less, as it will quickly lose its shape.
  •         Nylon slings are easy to clean with a soapy water solution using a sponge.

How to keep?

  •         Remember that a BDSM swing is a very intimate device. Not all of your friends, especially parents or children, will be able to understand you.
  •         In this regard, after each use, remove the swing and hide it from strangers.
  •         It is best to store the product in a separate opaque bag, on the uppermost shelves in the closet, or in a cabinet that can be locked with a key.

Advantages and disadvantages of the sex swing

These swings are in demand, as they have many advantages:

  •         Your sex life is very diverse, and you will probably forget how old you are.
  •         Many sex positions you cannot try on a smooth surface.
  •         The swing is partly a gym and fitness gadget, which helps build muscle with frequent use.

At the same time, they have several disadvantages:

  •         Not all users enjoy uncomfortable positions.
  •         Many people complain of sling pain.
  •         The high price of the product, since it is made only of the most durable materials.
  •         The fertility of constant assembly and disassembly during each session.

Many couples do not pay any attention to the minuses, and they quietly have sex on this swing.

Instead of conclusion

Of course, sex swings are something new, and not everyone will quickly learn how to use them. However, couples who have mastered this tricky projectile enjoy new positions every day and often compare their sex to Indian yoga.


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